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How much does a website cost?

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03Mar, 2019
This is a very common question with no straight answer. While a website could be as little as zero rand and as much as R1million there are many factors to…

How much does a website cost?

This is a very common question with no straight answer. While a website could be as little as zero rand and as much as R1million there are many factors to consider when developing your website.

One way to determine how much your website may cost, is narrowing in on your particular industry, the size and the requirements. Every business is different from the next and the minimum requirements, design, images, etc. can vary greatly between them.

So let’s look at whats included in a price of a website 

An hourly rate is included in the cost. While this may vary between the experience and quality of the work it also depends on who you hire between a freelancer, a software house or an agency and could be any where between R300 – R1500 per hour.   Webcube Charges R750 per hour. These costs are usually determined on the number of hours on your sites design, development and maintenance.

Other costs include

Domain name:  This would be the price of a new domain.  Webcube Media & Technology charges R149 per year for a new .co.za domain

Hosting per month. This depends on the type of hosting you choose (dedicated, shared, free). Additional fees may be required for additions like SSL (Secure Socket Layer certificate) or static IP Address. Our hosting starts from R99 per month.

Custom Design/Information Architecture: R20,000 – R50000+ – This includes the visual design, UX design, imagery collection, and sitemap and page structure generation. This is generally a part of a larger website development pa nkdr dckage. In our experience (and for our process) we generally spend about 30 hours up to and including this phase. So that’s onboarding, initial meetings with our clients’ marketing teams, and our design team’s work internally on the project, including final presentation and approval. That translates to R22,500 retail on even a modest site.

Photography / Stock photo’s R2000-R5000.   Usually clients have the options to request a photographer to take photos of their business and products. Royalty free stock images is also a great option to give your site that professional look.

Shopping Cart Integration & Programming: R2,000 – R10,000 – What kind of functionality do you want on your website? Shopping carts, paid plugins, and custom feature development can cost extra, but the benefits of a fully customized and unique website can outweigh the costs.

Website Content Creation: R500 per – R2000 per page, or hourly – You can write your website’s content yourself, or get a freelancer to do it.   You get what you pay for when it comes to content creation that will rank your site high in search engines and engage your audience.

Project Management & Information Gathering: R2000-R3000 – We want to help you and your website succeed, and that means creating a line of communication between you and our developers. This price includes initial consultations, phone calls, and any time that it takes to obtain the information we need to get your site going.

Testing & Training: R1000-R2000 – While most websites are built on easy-to-use CMS’ nowadays, not everyone knows how to get started with them. This price point includes the time spent training you how to use your new site, as well and ensuring that everything works properly and giving you the chance to make any necessary changes.

Launch & Digital Marketing Setup: R2000-R5000 – Having a team that understands digital marketing (particularly SEO) and your website’s role in helping to drive this for your business is vital to success. For every project we work on we have a 40+ stage process (which actually begins the moment a project starts with Webcube Media & Technology) to ensure the final site is SEO friendly and communicating to the search engines properly.

Website Managed Services: R500 – R5000 +/month  –Managed services can include blog writing, post-launch testing, and content maintenance. May also include marketing and advertising services including AdWords, Pay Per Click Marketing, Social Media Advertising and more.



With advances in business models, content management systems, and software there are now (and really there have been) some amazing tools online some include Wix.com, SquareSpace.com among many. These tools are amazing.

However, it’s important to note – these tools are often complicated and our (general) audience is still not comfortable learning and using these tools. Similar to the above – these sites are highly configurable, but still require some coding, graphic design, and other knowledge to cull out of them a custom, attractive look. However, these are excellent resources and I’d recommend these services for any business looking to do it themselves.

IF YOU HIRE A DEVELOPER: R5,000 – $10,000

A basic static designed website, acts primarily as an online brochure, establishing a necessary presence online to answer your customers’ questions “do you exist?”, “are you professional?” and “what do you do?” A basic website can be created in the R3,000 – $5,000 range. This website may or may not allow you to interact in a 2-way conversation with your audience (social networking, blog), transact business directly through your site (ecommerce), or enable you to manipulate and update the pages and content within your site without hiring a web programmer/designer to do it for you (Content Management System does enable this at additional costs).

This gets complicated to further elaborate on why this may or may not be included. For us, the complexities of using and designing around a content management system (or tool that allows you to update your own website) is usually a bit more time consuming then coding HTML from scratch – additionally there are a lot of customer service, content, and small testing requirements that eat up time and budgets for all projects – but which make up a significant fraction of smaller projects.


For Medium Sized Businesses

We have to cover costs for phone calls, the sales process, meeting space, the actual work (OF COURSE!), and then after launch support.

Depending on the level of aesthetic design that is requested as well as additional features Content Management System (CMS) websites will run, on average, around R20,000. These websites are created with both functionality and design in mind, as you will receive both custom art design and the ability to manage and update all content, images, and text contained within the pages of your site (infinite number of pages possible). With a CMS capable website, your site will have endless possibilities.

CUSTOM WEBSITE |R200,000 – R1,000,000+

For large Businesses or businesses that solely drive on the web

Here we are looking at Corporate industries, such as Banks, Retailers, etc. looking for a larger site, with advanced functionality including but not limited to social networking, blogging, e-commerce, banking or any other web application topped off with great design and content that speaks to your audience you should expect to pay a lot more than the previous two sections. We’ll detail out some specifics in our additional sections on E-commerce & Custom Applications, but this section should serve as a decent place for larger businesses to start.

Like I said before, some e-commerce and web applications can be created for less, while most successful ventures are created for much more. There are countless sites that have fallen in this price range include Facebook.com, bidorbuy.co.za, and spree.co.za to name only a few.  A site within this price range may be built and hand-coded from scratch – and in all cases will require extreme customization – and coordinating various technologies in order to work with your company or infrastructure.

That means your site is unlike any other and requires the attention and expertise of an experienced web application developer(s) and web site designer(s). A site that falls into this category requires months of planning, research, consulting, database design and implementation, software development and integration, site quality assurance and testing.

I know what you are thinking, ‘who knew it was so expensive?’ And the only answer I can give is that web design and creation is like any other craft or trade and requires a high level of knowledge and expertise.

Why are websites in this range so expensive? Here’s a few factors to consider, and examples of scenarios we’ve been in throughout the years that change the cost of a website, even when functionality may not necessarily be beyond the ordinary:

  • Tighter timelines
  • More meetings
  • More people (and approvals) involved
  • More exacting content specifications
  • More pages of content to port over or account for
  • Additional security concerns
  • Governmental or other requirements/regulations must be adhered to (for example 508 compliance is a beautiful and on some projects required element – accounting for this and testing for it takes extra time and money)

None of this is extreme or out-of-the-ordinary, but when needed or required, costs go up.

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